Our Goal Is To Assist Victims And Those In Crisis

Blackstone Intelligence Group was founded by former Israeli and US operatives working closely to achieve an extreme advantage over those who wish to cause financial harm through duplicity. We work to recover lost funds from scammers, hackers, and unregulated financial firms who have committed financial crimes.

We specialize in global asset tracing, corporate intelligence, and recovery of assets for victims. 
With an emphasis on:
- Unregulated Forex
- Binary Options
- Crypto Currency
- Real Estate
- Bank Fraud
- Corporate Fraud
In addition, we can provide Corporate Intelligence and Individual Intelligence gathering. 
- Global Background Checks
- Locating People and Assets
- Emergency Global Dispatch
- Corporate Fraud Prevention and Loss Prevention (Employee/Internal Theft)
- Personal Security Services
- Asset Protection 
- Polygraphing
- Arranging Global Legal Representation
- Interrogations
- Anti-Hacking, Data Security and Counterintelligence Support 
Tailored Requests 
Multi-Language Support
Operatives And Operations Around The World
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